June 2007
Volume 06, Issue 02
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The right approach

Forecasts call for India to be one of the world’s most active markets for both jetliners and defense products. Boeing’s strategy for long-term success in India calls for the company to emphasize a unified approach to an even greater degree than it has elsewhere.


The right approachboeing archives photo
40 ‘Incredible’ yearsBoeing Archives photo

Main feature

40 ‘Incredible’ years

In 1967, Boeing opened a facility in Everett, Wash., to support manufacturing of the 747 jetliner. Working on this airplane was a team nicknamed “The Incredibles,” in recognition of its efforts to develop the 747 amid numerous challenges. Forty years later, Everett is the home of four successful airplane programs and is the workplace for more than 25,000 Boeing employees. Here’s how the site and the surrounding community have grown.


Commercial Airplanes

Almost time to roll

July 8, the date of the 787 Dreamliner Premiere event, is approaching. Here’s what employees on the 787 team at Boeing and its supplier partners are doing to support the program as this milestone approaches.


Almost time to rollEd Turner photo
Thinking aheadU.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Joshua Scott

Integrated Defense Systems

Thinking ahead

The Super Hornet fighter aircraft offers more than just immediate capabilities for warfighters today. The program emphasizes incorporating new capabilities into aircraft, to best serve warfighters. Also in IDS coverage this month: A look at the job of creating software to support International Space Station operations, an on-the-spot account of the Airborne Laser’s first in-flight laser firing, and more.