June 2007
Volume 06, Issue 02
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Staying out front

The Super Hornet fighter aircraft offers more than just immediate capabilities for warfighters today. Because the program has emphasized staying in tune with forthcoming warfighting needs, new capabilities are incorporated into aircraft—whether in service or in the assembly process—as soon as these capabilities are ready.


Staying out front U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice David L. Smart

Where perfection matters

The proper and safe operation of the International Space Station, flying far above the earth, requires that the spacecraft’s many systems operate flawlessly. Boeing engineers help meet this critical need by writing the millions of lines of software code that run on the ISS’ computers.


Where perfection matters Mike McCormick photo

An eventful night

The Airborne Laser recently met a major milestone when it recorded its first in-flight firing of one of its lasers at a test target. Here’s a look at what transpired on this important date. After an intense teamwide effort to get to this point, would the team’s work be validated?


An eventful night Kellie Masters/TYBRIN Corp. photo

A project that’s spot on

What makes the Advanced Tactical Laser special? For starters, this airborne weapon will track a moving target miles away and direct withering light and heat at it. What’s more, it represents people working together, as Boeing reached across the enterprise to create the ATL.


A project that’s spot on Bob ferguson photo

A Portal into the future

Boeing and British firm QinetiQ soon will jointly open The Portal, a modeling, simulation, analysis and experimentation center in England. The facility is part of Boeing’s growing footprint in the United Kingdom.


A Portal into the future QINETIQ Photo