November 2007
Volume 06, Issue 07
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Two for the line of one

A Boeing team rose to the challenge of building the EA-18G Growler airborne electronic attack aircraft on the existing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet assembly line in St. Louis. Here’s why this successful effort helps Boeing and its U.S. Navy customer.


Two for the line of one RICH RAU PHOTO

Pulling Gs, on the ground

Boeing is working with the U.S. Army to upgrade the Longbow Crew Trainer, a high-fidelity simulator that prepares Apache helicopter pilots and crews to fly real missions in battle zones. These improvements will provide even more-realistic training.


Pulling Gs, on the groundRICH RAU PHOTO

Space for development

Under Boeing’s sponsorship, two Turkish Air Force lieutenants will earn a master’s degree from the University of Houston while modeling solar array electrical systems for the International Space Station.


Space for development ELIZABETH MORELL PHOTO

New light on solar cells

Spectrolab, a Boeing subsidiary, is working on miniature solar chips designed for concentrator systems on Earth. These systems convert a greater amount of sunlight into energy—and could help reduce dependence on fossil fuels.


New light on solar cells BOB FERGUSON PHOTo

How can we help?

In another example of efforts to better integrate Boeing’s business units and enterprisewide functions, Houston-based engineers in the Space Exploration business unit have been helping Boeing and its suppliers on several Commercial Airplanes and Integrated Defense Systems programs.


How can we help? indyne photo by kevin gill

Speaking their language

Korean-descent workers at IDS sites in California and Arizona recently provided translation services for a contingent of visiting Korean journalists. These employees volunteered their efforts to get Boeing’s message across to international customers about the work the company is doing—and in their own way give Boeing an incremental edge in building international business.


Speaking their language Gina Vanatter photo