October 2007
Volume 06, Issue 06
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Get our heads into it

Boeing is working to protect the knowledge assets residing within its employees. The company's goal is to foster an environment where knowledge and the strength of its culture can be leveraged quickly to empower an adaptable, agile work force and improve productivity.

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Get our heads into it 
Low land, high ideals ISTOCKPHOTO.COM IMAGE

Main feature

Low land, high ideals

The Netherlands is a nation where internationalism, innovation and environmental concern converge. These qualities strengthen the relationships between Boeing and the company’s Dutch customers and supplier partners—to everyone’s benefit.

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Commercial Airplanes

Stamp of approval

The work of FAA airworthiness designees such as Kathy Landino (right) plays a major role in ensuring that Boeing delivers on the promises it makes to customers. Also in this month's coverage: The 777 program hits a major milestone, and the Interiors Responsibility Center works with resources across Boeing to best balance a complex workload.

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Integrated Defense Systems Kevin Flynn PHOTO

Integrated Defense Systems

A matter of global importance

With most forecasts envisioning a flattening U.S. Department of Defense budget, IDS is focusing increasing attention overseas to help sustain future growth. Also in this month's articles: A San Antonio manager explains what he's done to get the most from Employee Involvement.

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Shared Services Group

Smile at the camera

A new camera with SSG's Creative Services organization is the fastest digital panoramic camera in the world. Here's how it's helping business programs.

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Smile at the cameraPeter George photo