September 2007
Volume 06, Issue 05
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One for all

This package of articles examines some of the many areas where the company comes together as one—all with the intent of creating the greatest value for Boeing stakeholders, including its customers and employees.

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Better leaders make for better companies. Boeing sees a connection between leadership and employee engagement, an environment that values ideas—and business growth.

Boeing International
Six new country executives on the Boeing International Leadership Team reflect the organization’s shift in focus to include cross-enterprise representation and expertise.

Growth and productivity initiatives
The four companywide initiatives—Lean+, Internal Services Productivity, Global Sourcing and Development Process Excellence—are intended not just to boost productivity but to spur growth.

To ensure Boeing gets the greatest yield from its technology investments, the company is pulling together and coordinating its research-and-development efforts across the enterprise.

Functional discipline
Functional discipline refers to the set of compliance-related actions that, when followed, can prevent mistakes that increase risk and potentially could harm Boeing. Here’s a look at Boeing Frontiers’ experience with functional discipline.

Integrated business activities
In this example of Boeing business units working together, here’s how Integrated Defense Systems’ Support Services and Commercial Airplanes’ Commercial Aviation Services have teamed to best support Boeing customers

Common processes and systems
Boeing is establishing common processes and systems to help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of its functions, programs, organizations and people. Here’s a look at the achievements recorded so far. Also in this article: tips on bringing together different groups of people, as told by Rich Smoski, vice president of Finance Transformation—who’s tackled this challenge many times.