April 2008
Volume 06, Issue 11
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Help from above

Boeing has been a major player in the satellite business for 45 years and recently reached an industry milestone of 2,500 years of accumulated satellite on-orbit service. Here's a look at this business, its products and its operations—which became even more successful after tapping the know-how from around the company.

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Help from aboveBob Ferguson photo
A neat trip across Boeing Jim Coley photo

Main feature

A neat trip across Boeing

Thanks to a spirit of collaboration, there’s a traveling Foreign Object Debris exhibit now making its way across Boeing. The exhibit’s organizers hope the display heightens employees’ efforts to prevent FOD.

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Commercial Airplanes

Buzzing with activity

When Airplane Programs Finance teammates in Commercial Airplanes talk about "buzz," they're referring to the energy emanating from Lean focals who have helped Finance people cut waste and create new resource capacity. Also in BCA coverage this month: Meet four teammates on the 747 program were there at the start of this program—and are still contributing as Boeing recently delivered its 1,400th 747.

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Buzzing with activityWill Wantz photo
Integrated Defense Systems THOMAS GOERTE L PHOTO

Integrated Defense Systems

Always on the lookout

The Boeing-developed SBInet system is intended to help U.S. Customs and Border Protection execute its mission more effectively. It also shows how border security is a new Boeing market for network integration. Also in IDS coverage: A look at how a radio frequency identification (RFID) system helped the F-22 receiving team in Seattle cut costs and eliminated error; an introduction to a team of 95 engineers in St. Louis that design unique tools used to build Boeing jet fighters; and much more.

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Special features

The know-how for know-how

Meet Martha Ries, the head of Boeing's Intellectual Property Management organization. She leads a team that aims to identify, protect and best use the company's intellectual property to achieve a competitive advantage. Also in this month's special features: The Boeing team in Rome is recognized for a job well done, and two Boeing companywide functions team up to support employees in this month's Earth Day events and activities.

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The know-how for know-howBob Ferguson photo