August 2008
Volume 07, Issue 04
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Cover story

On target

The newly formed Weapons Programs organization is reinventing itself to better meet warfighter needs and deliver even greater capabilities to U.S. and allied forces. Here's a look at what this transformation means to the customers and teammates of Weapons Programs.

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Technology and the environment SHUTTERSTOCK.COM photo

Main feature

'They see the future'

Turkey reveres its storied past as it moves confidently into a technologically capable, global future. With 65 percent of its population age 34 and under, the country is working to develop a tech-savvy work force. That’s important to Boeing, which is undertaking a cross-enterprise approach to doing business in this market—the home to customers in both the commercial and defense segments.

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Commercial Airplanes

Thanks for the hand

Two teams in Everett, Wash., appreciate being honored recently by a national ergonomics award program, but they're even more excited to be making a difference in safety and efficiency for their team members and co-workers. Commercial Airplanes coverage also includes an explanation of what Boeing Repair Stations are and why they're critical in helping fulfill promises Boeing makes to customers; a look at a new airport-landing technology; and more.

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Integrated Defense Systems MARIAN LOCKHART PHOTO

Integrated Defense Systems

The roar begins

The delivery of the first EA-18G Growler to the U.S. Navy represents Boeing fulfilling promises in aircraft capabilities—and program execution. Also in IDS coverage: What the T-45 team is doing to help support training of Navy aviators, why NASA recognized a team of Boeing engineers working on the International Space Station, and more.

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Special features

Making connections

Network-enabled operations aren’t just to support battlefield awareness. In Boeing’s vision of the factory of the future, tools and sensors will be part of a huge global system of systems that connects facilities, customers, suppliers and external support and services. This month's special features also include an interview with Phantom Works President Matt Ganz; an explanation of how multilingual employees help support Boeing's business goals worldwide, and more.

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Making connectionsJIM ANDERSON PHOTO