August 2008
Volume 07, Issue 04
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It's comin' together

As part of its efforts to support communities and the environment, Boeing has supported organizations undertaking reforesting efforts in Southern California and the Puget Sound region of Washington state.


It's comin' togetherJIM ANDERSON PHOTO

Greener paint for planes

For more than 10 years, the Skin & Spar team at the Boeing site in Frederickson, Wash., has been on a continuous-improvement trek with the site's Information Technology systems group. That effort culminated in a technology-based tool-management solution now in use there.


Greener paint for planes RON BOOKOUT PHOTO

Tech talk

Matt Ganz joined Boeing in February as the president of Phantom Works, the organization that’s helping support the technology needs of Boeing’s business units. He’s been primarily in a “listening mode” during his first six months. Here’s what’s on his mind.


Tech talk Bob Ferguson photo

Finding NEMO

Network-enabled operations aren’t just to support battlefield awareness. In Boeing’s vision of the factory of the future, tools and sensors will be part of a huge global system of systems that connects facilities, customers, suppliers and external support and services. It's a concept known as Network-Enabled Manufacturing & Operations, or NEMO.


Finding NEMO Jim Anderson photo

Now I understand

Today, Boeing has employees in 70 countries and customers in 90. The company’s multilingual employees, located both in the United States and internationally, play a major role in supporting Boeing’s business goals around the world.


Now I understand PETER GEoRGE PHOTO