December 2008/January 2009
Volume 07, Issue 08
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Ease of movement

Since 2006, the Everett Site Logistics & Material Handling team has implemented dozens of safety and efficiency improvements. These changes have improved the flow of how people walk, drive, park and travel around the site and inside the factory.


Ease of movement GAIL HANUSA/BOEING

Take a look around

Boeing has made improvements to the tour of its factory in Everett, Wash., from showing a longer, updated introductory movie to providing a chance to see airplane production areas from two vantage points.


Take a look around GAIL HANUSA/BOEING

Solve this equation

How much carbon dioxide is created in the manufacturing of a Next-Generation 737-800 jetliner? Over the summer, two college interns were tasked with calculating the answer to this question. Here's how they did it.


Solve this equationWILL WANTZ/BOEING

A high-power team

Thanks to a team of Boeing employees with diverse professional backgrounds, the company has evolved from having a passive role in jet-fuel development to being on the leading edge of this field. Here's how the people of this team have changed the way the aviation industry looks at alternative fuels.


A high-power team Jim Anderson/Boeing

See the Future

Thanks to the Future Factory project, the work space at the Everett, Wash., factory is being transformed in an environment that enhances collaboration, improves employee satisfaction and supports production system efficiencies. Here's a peek at how the revamped facility looks, more than midway through this multiyear project.


See the Future Gail Hanusa/Boeing