December 2008/January 2009
Volume 07, Issue 08
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An idea that hits the mark

Could an idea that's reminiscent of large water balloons help firefighters snuff out forest fires faster? Boeing and project partner International Paper and Flexible Alternatives are developing a tool called the Precision Container Aerial Delivery System that's based on this concept.


An idea that hits the mark Bob ferguson/BOEING

Passed with flying colors

In November, four U.S. Air Force pilots graduated from a grueling eight-month course designed by Boeing's F-22 Training Systems team. These Boeing teammates made it look easy, but they went the extra mile to accommodate a last-minute requirements change and still exceed their customer's expectations.


Passed with flying colors U.S. AIR FORCE

Centered on an aircraft

Ralph Mead's career has been intertwined with the Boeing-built C-17 Globemaster III. When he was in the U.S. Air Force, he flew the military airlifter and taught others how to fly it. Now with Boeing, Mead is the program manager of the C-17 Aircrew Training System.


Centered on an aircraftPETER GEORGE/BOEING

Let me show you

Steve Schmidt joined the Boeing flight test team in 2004, after retiring from the U.S. Navy. He's now taken on an additional role as a show pilot, which lets him demonstrate the company's jet fighters to current and potential customers – and the general public.


Let me show you PETER GEORGE/BOEING,