February 2008
Volume 06, Issue 09
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Shaping our future

Engineers make a world of difference. That’s this year’s message for National Engineers Week, being celebrated in February throughout the United States and at most Boeing locations. To recognize the commemoration, Boeing Frontiers profiles several of the many employees who contribute to engineering through their work—as well as through their contributions to the community in roles such as teachers and mentors.

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Main feature

At the crossroads

Saudi Arabia is a place of stunning contrasts. It's a nation where a rich, millennia-old culture coexists with urban landscapes—and with a drive to diversify economically and encourage international investment. That's a large reason why Boeing views Saudi Arabia as a key strategic and high-priority market. Here's what Boeing is doing to strengthen its long-time presence and relationships within the kingdom.

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Commercial Airplanes

Ready for the test

Commercial Airplanes' Flight Operations, Test & Validation organization faces an extremely busy 2008. It's geared up to conduct for engineering flight test activities for more than 12 new airplane models—a number far bigger than in any past year. That's on top of its duties conducting production test flights, to ensure that jetliners rolling out of the factory are ready to be delivered to customers. Also in BCA coverage this month: Meet the Renton, Wash., employee who was named the world's best overhead crane operator for 2007.

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Integrated Defense Systems

Home on the range

Boeing Service Company, an IDS subsidiary, maintains and sustains customer communication and data systems. One of BSC’s responsibilities: Modifying the 500 Minuteman missile sites around the United States. Here’s a look at this particular task. Other IDS articles include a look at what Boeing is doing to help the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom get the most out of their C-17s.

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Special features

Speed of progress

Boeing's work in hypersonic flight—flight at speeds of five times the speed of sound and beyond—continues, even amid questions on funding and applications. This month's special feature articles also include a look at how a Boeing team overcame the extreme conditions of northernmost Norway to install a satellite ground station, and why Boeing is increasing its presence in Singapore.

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