July 2008
Volume 07, Issue 03
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Boeing has a wide-ranging presence in the United Kingdom. The company operates The Portal, a decision-support center in Farnborough, with partner QinetiQ. Many British entities contribute to the 787 Dreamliner airplane. And Boeing's partners are helping develop technologies that support Boeing products. Here's a look at why the UK matters to Boeing—and vice versa.

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Main feature

Life on the cutting edge

Welcome to the Boeing Portland facility in Oregon, where huge hunks of metal are machined into airplane parts. The rate at which this site strips away metal to form a new part is the baseline on which Boeing measures its performance against the machining industry—and Portland has one of the best metal-removal rates in the world.

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Commercial Airplanes

A world of opportunity

The geographic breakdown of Boeing's airline customers has changed from historical patterns. What global regions now account for a greater-than-usual portion of BCA's record backlog? Also in BCA coverage: How the 777 Freighter team overcame challenges to get the first airplane through the factory and onto the flight line—all according to schedule.

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Integrated Defense Systems

Put to the test

The F-22 Raptor team at Boeing recently launched a new facility that ushers in a new approach to avionics development. Also in IDS coverage: Why the formation of Boeing Defence UK helps position the company for growth in this market; what's guiding the F/A-18 Super Hornet team's plans to augment the aircraft's combat capability; and more.

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Special features

Trim and fit

For more than 10 years, the Skin & Spar team at the Boeing site in Frederickson, Wash., has been on a continuous-improvement trek with the site's Information Technology systems group. That effort culminated in a technology-based tool-management solution now in use there. Also in this month's special features: As part of its efforts to support communities and the environment, Boeing has supported organizations undertaking reforesting efforts in Southern California and the Puget Sound region of Washington state.

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