June 2008
Volume 07, Issue 02
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In the know

The Learning Together Program allows Boeing employees to choose education programs that enhance job performance, intellectual growth and professional development. Read how Terence St. Marie (right) and other Boeing employees have used Learning Together to boost their careers.

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In the knowBob Ferguson photo
Technology and the environment Bob Ferguson photo

Main feature

Technology and the environment

How is Boeing using technology to lead the aerospace industry in environmental improvement efforts? Not only is the company continuing its legacy of creating products that use less fuel and have smaller noise footprints, but it’s active in alternative-energy developments, aviation-system improvements, operational efficiencies—and more.

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Commercial Airplanes

Pattern of empowerment

Teammates at the Flight Operations, Test & Validation team's weld shop take process improvement personally by devising, implementing better ways to get job done. Also in BCA coverage: How the 787 Interiors team re-engineered their work to meet goals others deemed "impossible."

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Integrated Defense Systems JIM ANDERSON PHOTO

Integrated Defense Systems

Thanks, from the boss

Why are teammates in the Airborne Early Warning and Control program getting impromptu visits from program executives? Because these leaders want to thank these employees for a job well done. Also in IDS coverage: A look at the team that keeps the Iridium, DIRECTV and Global Positioning System satellite constellations running; and more.

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Special features

More help from the network

Boeing has helped develop the foundation of a network-enabled air traffic control system that would permit faster responses to critical situations such as disaster-relief efforts. Other special features include: a look at what Boeing has done to better protect personally identifiable information; an explanation of how Alternative Dispute Resolution, which celebrates its 10th anniversary, can help employees resolve issues; and the tale of how Boeing, a Chinese carrier and relief agencies worked together to help those affected by the recent earthquake in China.

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More help from the networkThomas Goertel photo