May 2008
Volume 07, Issue 01
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Leaning and painting

Members of the paint shop team in St. Louis are on the lookout for ways to Lean-out processes while enhancing quality and keeping people and the environment safe. With the help of others across the site, they’ve made some impressive improvements.


Leaning and painting riCh rAu photo

Fit and ready

The Boeing UK Chinook Through Life Customer Support team provides engineering technical support, heavy maintenance, component repairs and upgrade services for the aircraft. Their work enables UK air crews to fly the Mk2 version of the Chinook to perform frontline duties effectively and efficiently around the clock.


Fit and readyroyAl Air ForCe photo

Guidance provided

The upgrading of all active Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles with Boeing-built modernized guidance-system electronics is now complete. This upgrade extends the service life of the navigational heart of this ICBM weapon system—a linchpin in the United States’ strategic deterrent—to 2030.


Guidance providedu.s. Air ForCe photo

Heavy work, lighter loads

In support of NASA’s future goals for manned space flight, Boeing is sharing with NASA composites expertise from its commercial airplanes, space and defense programs. The lower mass of composite structures will allow larger payloads to be transported to and from the moon, and eventually to Mars.


Heavy work, lighter loads Ed Turner photo

In the pilot's seat

The experience of Chuck Killberg, director of Flight Operations for Global Mobility Systems in Integrated Defense Systems, includes being one of the test pilots responsible for developing the F-22 Raptor. Indeed, he has a special fondness for the Raptor and the team that brought it to life.


In the pilot's seat GinA VAnAtter photo