November 2008
Volume 07, Issue 07
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They found a way

To meet a customer's high-volume production need, members of the Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF satellite team tapped expertise from around Boeing, including programs at Integrated Defense Systems and Commercial Airplanes. Thanks to these contributions, the GPS team made improvements that not only helped it meet this production requirement but also boosted productivity.

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They found a wayBob Ferguson and Dana Reimer/Boeing
Youth is served

Main feature

Youth is served

Why is Boeing investing in community programs that support early-childhood learning? Because research is demonstrating the importance of laying a strong foundation in the early years of life—a foundation that can help pave the way to professional success.

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Commercial Airplanes

No news is good news

It can be a challenge when a first-of-its-kind airplane moves down the assembly line. But thanks to efforts to incorporate best practices, this summer's assembly of the first-ever BBJ 3 went smoothly.

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No news is good newsMarian Lockhart /Boeing
An oceanside viewRon Bookout/Boeing

Integrated Defense Systems

An oceanside view

This summer, Boeing employees were on board the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to witness the first sea trials for Boeing's new electronic attack aircraft, the EA-18G Growler. Also in IDS coverage: An engineering team supporting Airborne Early Warning & Control finds a way to boost the program's bottom line; a new facility lets Integrated Defense Systems realistically simulate for customers the effects of performance improvements or new hardware on warfighting systems; and more.

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Shared Services Group

The power is on

To help meet its companywide environmental commitments, Boeing is transitioning its ground vehicle fleets to fuels that offer environmental benefits such as reduced emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas linked to climate change concerns.

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The power is onED TURNER/BOEING
Pack for a long tripMARIAN LOCKHART/BOEING

Special feature

Pack for a long trip

Suitcase-sized containers packed by Boeing's Gary Pippin have been circling the globe attached to the outside of the International Space Station, as part of a collaborative research effort on the effects of materials exposed to space. Also in special features: A look at the Systems Engineering and Analysis Domain, and the story of how the Boeing site in Houston recovered from Hurricane Ike.

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