October 2008
Volume 08, Issue 05
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Soaring, Down Under

For more than 80 years, Boeing has played a significant role in Australia's aviation and aerospace industries. That presence extends from being the home of key customers to serving as important contributors to Boeing's main business segments. Here's a comprehensive look at Boeing's activities in Australia.

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Getting eco-engaged DAVID BRINKO/INDYNE

Main feature

Getting eco-engaged

All around Boeing, you'll find employees taking the initiative to support the company's environmental activities at work—and to take part in green projects in their communities. To build environmental engagement, Boeing offers new tools such as blogs, training and "green team" toolkits to make that enthusiasm as effective and widespread as possible.

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Commercial Airplanes

A high-altitude office

For every new model or modified production airplane, Commercial Airplanes flight test engineers monitor myriad tests to make sure that the airplane performs as designed and meets customer requirements.

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Commercial AirplanesJOE PARKE/BOEING
Integrated Defense Systems BOB FERGUSON/Boeing

Integrated Defense Systems


Why are Boeing SVS employees in Albuquerque, N.M., flying a radio-controlled airplane? It's how they test the hardware and algorithms used in the Dual Line of Sight (DLOS) tracking system, which is designed to extend the reach of Boeing's laser systems without compromising precision. Also in IDS coverage: The Boeing-led Ground-based Midcourse Defense program and its teammates prepare for their most complex test yet; and two U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor pilots visit Seattle to visit the Boeing Raptor team.

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Shared Services Group

A big point on the spectrum

Did you know that Boeing's access to radio frequency spectrum is estimated to be worth billions of dollars? Here's an explanation of what RF spectrum is, why it's important and who at Boeing is working to ensure the company has access to it. SSG articles also include how the U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently revalidated Boeing's top ranking in a global supply chain security program.

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A big point on the spectrumJoe Olmos/Boeing
Support, for allboeing

Special feature

Support, for all

What's the goal of Boeing's Support & Services domain? It's to take a companywide approach in developing technologies that best meet its customers' support and services needs—while creating a sustainable competitive advantage that increases Boeing's growth and productivity. Also in special features: Boeing computing people are providing workstation support for the factory floor and field operations.

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