September 2008
Volume 08, Issue 04
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A look into the future

The newest version of Boeing's Current Market Outlook presents the company's updated take on what it foresees the next 20 years in the airplane market. Among the findings in this report: Over the next 20 years, global air travel will continue to grow 5 percent annually, and the world's airplane fleet will grow from 19,000 units today to 35,800.

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Cover storyboeing
Technology and the environment Bob Ferguson/Boeing

Main feature

For a common benefit

What makes the Boeing-Japan relationship important? Not only has this partnership lasted for more than 50 years, but both entities play a crucial part in the other's success. Here's a look at why Japan is important to Boeing and vice versa – and who within Boeing is helping the company strengthen this partnership by building working relationships with representatives of Japanese partners.

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Commercial Airplanes

At a moment's notice

Boeing's Airplane-On-Ground Operations team is ready to deploy anywhere in the world at a moment's notice to help get customers' jetliners back into the air. Also in Commercial Airplanes coverage: Why Boeing's environment and technology display made a big splash at this year's Farnborough International Airshow; what industry milestone the 777 recently set; and more.

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Commercial AirplanesRick Turnbaugh/Boeing
Integrated Defense Systems TONY ROMERO/BOEING

Integrated Defense Systems

From the other side

What's it like to represent the customer? How does a customer view Boeing? A Boeing teammate and a United Kingdom Ministry of Defence employee are spending time on the other side; here's what they've learned. Also in IDS coverage: The Boeing Rotorcraft team is confident about its HH-47's chances in the upcoming U.S. Air Force Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR-X) aircraft contract award; a St. Louis team ensures that Boeing military jets are ready for service; and more.

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Special features

Partners in productivity

Does the Shared Services Group play a role in helping Boeing achieve growth and productivity goals? Absolutely. In this Q&A, SSG President Tim Copes explains what SSG, which provides common internal services across Boeing's global enterprise, is doing to "enable Boeing competitiveness by providing effective services at an affordable cost."

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Making connectionsBOB FERGUSON/BOEING