April 2009
Volume 07, Issue 11
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The next stage, set to ignite

Boeing and its predecessor companies have played in integral part in helping the United States attain its awe-inspiring achievements for the past 50 years. With this proud history of helping the U.S. space program, Boeing's future role in space is still being written. And the company is pursuing projects, both with NASA and with private partners, to make sure it remains a major participant in spaceflight.

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The next stage, set to igniteshuttle photo: NASA; photo illustration : Brandon Luong/Boeing
Thanks for your supportMARIAN LOCKHART/BOEING

Main feature

Thanks for your support

Katie Lewis (left) is among the many Boeing employees who support their communities by applying their knowledge and job skills to volunteer efforts outside work. With National Volunteer Week taking place in the United States in April, Boeing Frontiers looks at several employees who are making their communities stronger, more vibrant places to live and work.

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Commercial Airplanes

Training kept a-rollin'

The 787 Dreamliner is ushering in steps ahead not only in aviation and jetliner performance but also in airplane training. Here's how the training procedures for crews that will work on the 787 represents advancements in this field

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You say you want a revolutionMARIAN LOCKHART/BOEING
Improvements pottedDAVE BRINKO/INDYNE

Integrated Defense Systems

Improvements potted

It took a San Antonio–based team two years of patience and persistence to find a way to improve a common piece of equipment, a wheeled paint-pot system. Their diligence paid off with a tool that cuts injury potential, saves money and reduces operational impact on the environment. Also in IDS coverage: Why Vigilare, an air battle management system being developed in Australia, represents an important product; how Boeing's role in supporting the International Space Station will evolve; and more.

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Shared Services Group

The Leanest distance between two points

Shared Services Group's Supply Chain Logistics team, which handles shipments of aerospace parts and materials, began an improvement effort in 2007 that's transformed the way it does business and supports Boeing production programs. Also in SSG coverage: Meet the team that works to generate the most value from unwanted items.

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The Leanest distance between two pointsSALLY ARISTEI and GLADYS WICKERING/BOEING

Special features

Safe and sound

To help Boeing employees work together to improve workplace safety, the company recently unveiled a new effort that has an aggressive safety target -- a 25 percent reduction in the number of injuries resulting in lost work by 2013 -- and that builds on the environmental targets Boeing established in 2008. Other special features include a look at why the biannual Boeing Employee Survey matters, even in challenging economic times like these; and an explanation of why Boeing believes it has the highest-value idea to provide the U.S. Navy with a new signals intelligence aircraft.

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