August 2009
Volume 08, Issue 04
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A quality reputation

Boeing employees are focused on producing quality work the first time, every time, because lives often depend on the products and services they produce. Achieving first-time quality also is an effective way to increase efficiency and cut waste and rework, increasing Boeing's competitiveness.

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A quality reputationJIM COLEY/BOEING
Tuned inadam morgan/Boeing

Main feature

Learning at any age

In the first installment of an ongoing series, Frontiers looks at how Boeing supports learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics at any age. Read about teachers who honed their classroom skills at Space Camp. Meet a Boeing engineer who is mentoring future engineers and be inspired by youngsters who are learning all about rocket science.

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Commercial Airplanes

Employees make a difference

When the Humboldt penguins at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo needed a new home, a team of Boeing experts shared their Lean+ skills to help zoo staff develop a better design process. The result: an improved, environmentally sustainable exhibit that opened under budget and a year early. Also in Commercial Airplanes coverage: With new electric vehicles at Boeing's Everett, Wash., Delivery Center, an Employee Involvement team has brought environmental considerations into its daily operations -- a benefit to the environment and the company's bottom line.

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An award well deservedMarian Lockhart/Boeing
Heavy-lift haulingJOE NAUJOKAS/BOEING

Integrated Defense Systems

Heavy-lift hauling

Boeing Phantom Works has teamed up with Canada-based SkyHook International to develop an innovative hybrid aircraft that promises to transport heavy loads of equipment and supplies to remote and pristine regions-- regardless of the season or lack of roads and runways. Also in IDS coverage: Boeing simulators offer military pilots networked and cost-effective aerial combat training -- all from the safety of their home base; how Boeing Defence UK is helping grow business on both sides of the Atlantic; evaluating robots' fitness for active duty; and more.

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Shared Services Group

Lean around the world

In early 2008, a team of Shared Services Group business support managers from non-U.S. sites met in London to streamline how they do Boeing business, apply Lean thinking and engage in a new level of international cooperation. Since that first meeting, the team has been working across international boundaries and with Boeing organizations in the United States to find ways to adapt Boeing policies and processes to local requirements.

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Lean around the worldMicha Lievers/BOEING
Heavy-lift haulingJIM COLEY/BOEING


First-rate performance

Platform Performance is one of eight areas behind a new strategy to make Boeing even more efficient and productive in its development and use of technology. Also covered in this month's special features: Boeing helps empower employees to manage their health and well-being with resources that include wellness screenings and health assessments.

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