Dec. 09/Jan. 10 Frontiers
Volume 08, Issue 08
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And the answer is …

Just as professional sports teams have playbooks that contain invaluable information about what to do on the field, structures engineers with Commercial Airplanes have a PlayBook, too. It contains information from hundreds of Boeing experts. PlayBook has the potential to be a resource that can be used across the Boeing enterprise.


And the answer is … Gail Hanusa/Boeing

Let’s go fly

Six decades ago, Boeing’s flight-test program for the 707 totaled about 600 hours. The new 787 Dreamliner will undergo about 5,000 hours of testing, or more than 200 days. And the Dreamliner test program will overlap that of the new 747-8 Freighter. Combined, the two flight-test programs will be the most extensive in Boeing’s history. In this article, meet some of the test pilots who will fly the two new planes.


Let’s go fly LEO DEJILLAS/Boeing