Dec. 09/Jan. 10 Frontiers
Volume 08, Issue 08
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Stage setter

The recent successful test launch of the Ares I-X rocket was an important milestone in the development of the Ares I rocket, which could eventually replace the space shuttle and send the next generation of astronauts into space. Boeing will build the rocket’s second stage.


Stage setter NASA

Bountiful harvest

Boeing’s work on a terminated satellite program won’t end with disappointment. Instead, the work Boeing did will yield significant improvements for other programs, such as the Wideband Global SATCOM satellites.


Bountiful harvest U.S. AiR FORCE

Eagle eye

Building a top-notch fighter such as the F-15 Eagle requires innovative machinery, technology and tooling, and the latest assembly-line methods. But it also takes a good mix of people who care about their craft. It’s a little like building a Rolls-Royce, says a worker on the F-15 line in St. Louis, which is one of Boeing’s longest-running production lines.


Eagle eye Peter George/Boeing

Now hear this

A Boeing team in Australia has made a significant breakthrough that could change high-frequency communications globally and bring back into vogue a form of communications that was considered “old technology.” The system will be marketed internationally by Boeing Defence Australia.


Now hear thisRadio Frequency Systems

Buoyant job

Designed by Boeing and operated by NASA, the Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston is large enough to hold a full-size mock-up of the International Space Station. A small group of Boeing employees spend time in this underwater world as part of the company’s support for the space station program.


Buoyant jobNASA

Lone Star star

Boeing’s Bay Area Boulevard building, the cornerstone of its Houston site, is leading by example when it comes to setting the standard for energy efficiency and the environment.


Lone Star starElizabeth Morrell/Boeing