February 2009
Volume 07, Issue 09
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What lies ahead

Boeing this year faces a daunting set of business challenges in its major markets. The leaders of Boeing's two major business units offer their views on the 2009 outlook for their business units and markets. Among their insights: Integrated Defense Systems sees notable business opportunities internationally, as exemplified by the recent sale to India of the P-8 anti-submarine and surveillance aircraft (above) - which is based on the Next-Generation 737.

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What lies aheadBOEING
The look of a leader

Main feature

The look of a leader

A companywide team worked to ensure that the Boeing brand stays current, represents Boeing as one company - and properly supports the work employees are doing to make Boeing the world's best and best-integrated aerospace company.

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Commercial Airplanes

Lean+ meets technology

Engineers from Commercial Airplanes' Material and Process Technology organization are using agile development methods to design and implement solutions to local challenges. Here's how this works and why it's helping employees get work done faster and more efficiently than ever. Also in Commercial Airplanes coverage: A visit with the 787 Dreamliner's virtual "understudy" airplane, and a look at the 747's first flight, 40 years ago.

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Lean+ meets technologyMarian Lockhart /Boeing
A sign of approvalJeff Corwin

Integrated Defense Systems

A sign of approval

What's been the payoff for the Chinook team's efforts to significantly modernize the aircraft they create? Deployed of the first CH-47F unit to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom – and a multiyear contract from the customer to stabilize and reduce costs for the program. Also in IDS coverage: Chief Operating Officer John Lockard explains what IDS must do to maintain leadership in the defense industry, and the V-22 changes how the U.S. Air Force will conduct Special Operations missions.

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Special feature

Service improvements

Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) and Global Services & Support (GS&S) - the support businesses for Commercial Airplanes and Integrated Defense Systems, respectively – have made strides in working together more effectively and efficiently. Also in special features: How employees helped 16 Boeing sites earn an important environmental certification in 2008.

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Service improvementsLANCE CHEUNG/BOEING