July 2009
Volume 08, Issue 03
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Flying into the future

Innovative unmanned aircraft systems such as ScanEagle, developed by Boeing subsidiary Insitu, are helping Boeing expand in one of the fastest-growing markets in aerospace.

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Flying into the futureed turner/Boeing
Tuned inPaul Pinner/Boeing, gladys wickering/boeing

Main feature

Tuned in

Frequency Management Services is responsible for anything at Boeing that uses radio-frequency spectrum, from wireless microphones to intelligent tooling to airplanes and satellites. Here's a look at how this Shared Services Group organization gives Boeing a competitive advantage.

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Commercial Airplanes

An award well deserved

Flying today is safer than ever, thanks in large part to the Commercial Aviation Safety Team. Working together, representatives from industry, government, unions and academia developed and promoted safety initiatives that have improved aviation safety around the globe. The team's efforts recently were recognized with the prestigious Collier Trophy.

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An award well deserveded turner/boeing
The sound of 'Silent'RON BOOKOUT/BOEING

Integrated Defense Systems

The sound of 'Silent'

In March, Boeing introduced the F-15 Silent Eagle, specifically designed to meet customer needs for an aircraft with an increased measure of radar-evading capability without the trade-offs of reduced range and heavy payloads. Also in IDS coverage: Two Boeing engineers recall the challenges and excitement of launching the Apollo 11 mission that put man on the moon 40 years ago this summer, and Boeing engineers worked diligently to ensure success of the recent Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission by the crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

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Shared Services Group

Inventory story

Two Shared Services Group employees wanted a better, cheaper way to track and manage inventory. Their initiative resulted in a wiki that's become a valuable tool in reducing costs and waste - and for keeping key information readily at hand.

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