June 2009
Volume 08, Issue 02
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Special Feature

There's a 'you' in safety

June is National Safety Month in the United States. In this package of articles, Boeing Frontiers looks at some of the many teams across the company whose members are making safety a personal responsibility.


There's a 'you' in safety Gail Hanusa/Boeing

Ethics: a matter of everyone's leadership

Throughout Boeing, there are numerous examples of leaders setting the right tone and working alongside their teams in ways that reinforce the value of an open culture and a trusting relationship between employees and their managers. Those two elements are at the heart of "Leadership Matters," a new companywide initiative that emphasizes cooperative problem-solving between managers and employees.


Ethics: a matter of everyone's leadershipRon Bookout/Boeing

Take home a piece of your work

Boeing employees love their work so much they would take it home with them -- if only they could fit a jet fighter, helicopter or commercial jetliner in the garage. But the Boeing Store offers employees and the general public a chance to bring home a desktop model, a logo T-shirt and many other Boeing-branded items.


Take home a piece of your work Bob Ferguson/Boeing