March 2009
Volume 07, Issue 10
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How we live Lean+

Boeing employees and teams all around the company are living Lean+, one of Boeing's four growth and productivity initiatives. Employees are using Lean+ to improve productivity, provide better value to customers and make Boeing more competitive. That's especially important amid today's economic challenges. This package of articles offers a look at progress on Lean+, as seen by Bill Schnettgoecke, the initiative's leader—and anecdotes of Lean+ in action.

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The deal on trade

Main feature

The deal on trade

International trade is critical to Boeing businesses. In fact, international sales support many Boeing jobs in the United States. With economic matters being on everyone's minds today, here's a look at why trade matters to Boeing. Included in this package of articles: myths and truths about fair trade and Boeing, as explained by Greg Dole (left), director, Commercial Trade Policy for Boeing.

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Commercial Airplanes

You say you want a revolution

The introduction of product cells at Boeing Fabrication sites in Auburn and Frederickson, Wash., has led to big improvements in cycle time, quality, material usage, productivity and manufacturing cost. Here's what a product cell is—and why it represents a profound innovation in manufacturing

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You say you want a revolutionJim Coley/Boeing
You say yoAdded to the rosterBob Ferguson/Boeing

Integrated Defense Systems

Added to the roster

In 2008, Boeing acquired several companies to help round out the capabilities Integrated Defense Systems offers its customers. Chris Raymond, vice president of Business Development for IDS, and his team, explains the business unit's M&A approach. Also in IDS coverage: Boeing is building and fielding the world's most advanced multimission weather and Earth observation satellites; three long-time C-17 program teammates recount highlights of their histories with the airlifter; and more.

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Shared Services Group

Leaner and greener

As suppliers take a growing role in Boeing's environmental strategy, a team from Boeing Supplier Management is integrating activities that involve those companies. Also in SSG coverage: The Travel & Expense Services team has applied Lean+ principles and tools to improve its processes—and ultimately to save employees time, reduce travel costs and improve compliance.

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Leaner and greener JIM ANDERSON/BOEING
On the

Special features

On the rise

Brazil is the home of an emerging economy—and is one of Boeing's most important international markets that you need to know more about. Other special features include an explanation of how resiliency can help you in stressful times and what Boeing resources are available to help employees deal with stress and build resiliency; and how a Boeing-developed software application is helping strengthen measures that Boeing and even some external entities are taking to ensure the safeguarding of sensitive information.

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