May 2009
Volume 08, Issue 01
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Service over the world

The teammates of Global Services & Support, one of the businesses of Integrated Defense Systems, are dedicated to delivering affordable support and sustainment of Boeing military airplanes and provide numerous services, such as training and simulation for military systems. Boeing sees this business as a major driver of growth, especially as GS&S moves into new markets.

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Service over the worldBOB FERGUSON/BOEING
Own your careerPeter Corwin

Main feature

Own your career

Improving your on-the-job performance, increasing your value to the company and building a meaningful career are common goals for almost every Boeing employee, but everyone needs help attaining them. This series of articles is packed with helpful, informative resources and expert advice that will help you advance your personal development--and accelerate your career.

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Commercial Airplanes

It all comes together

In the annual Moonshine Wars competition, Boeing employees embraced a Lean+ competition to brainstorm ideas and equipment that can improve safety, efficiency and productivity. Also in Commercial Airplanes coverage: How a recycling program at the Interiors Responsibility Center in Everett, Wash., is helping Boeing, its suppliers and the environment.

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It all comes togetherGail Hanusa/Boeing
An eye-opening journeyNASA

Integrated Defense Systems

An eye-opening journey

Two Boeing communicators recently traveled to Afghanistan to see how allied service men and women operate Boeing-made military equipment in one of the world's most dangerous regions. Also in IDS coverage: What the Shuttle Debris team does to support the safety and success of each space shuttle launch; how a resale program helped the bottom line by reselling unused materials; and more.

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Special features

North star

Boeing and Canada have built a partnership that spans 90 years. That includes the Boeing Fabrication facility in Winnipeg, which has grown into one of the company's largest international manufacturing operations. Here's how Boeing provides value to Canada--and vice versa.

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