November 2009
Volume 08, Issue 07
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Building from Strength

Boeing’s Integrated Defense Systems already has a strong portfolio of programs, and IDS leader Dennis Muilenburg, in a wide-ranging discussion with Frontiers, said there are many new opportunities to expand and grow, including international business, unmanned systems, intelligence, energy solutions, cybersecurity, and an array of services.


Building from Strength Bob Ferguson/Boeing

Range Finder

Boeing is moving quickly to position itself for entry into an emerging market – upgrading ranges around the world where aircraft drop real bombs and soldiers fire live ammunition. Many of these ranges must be modernized to prepare warfighters for tomorrow’s missions – and Boeing is ready to meet that challenge with a range of solutions.


Range Finder Scot Girard/Boeing,
Nathan Pionke/Boeing

Nothing But Net

A Boeing-designed system is the communications backbone of the U.S. Navy’s fleet of some 60 missile destroyers. It is vital to the operation of everything from navigation and steering to weapons systems, damage control and ship machinery. And it must be 100 percent reliable.


Nothing But Net U.S. NAVY

Small Team, Big Results

On a mixed-product assembly line in St. Charles, Mo., fewer than two dozen workers are producing Small Diameter Bombs and Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs) at the combined rate of nearly 1,000 per month. It’s all about teamwork – and Lean manufacturing.


Small Team, Big ResultsRichard Rau/Boeing