November 2009
Volume 08, Issue 07
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Pushing Technology’s Boundaries

The more than 2,000 men and women who are members of the Technical Fellowship represent some of Boeing’s best scientific and engineering minds. The company often turns to them for help, not only to solve the most difficult problems, but to develop creative solutions for new business opportunities and long-term technology strategies.

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Pushing Technology’s BoundariesPHOTO: Fred Troilo/BOEING


Strong Ties

With its wealth and strategic location, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an important commercial and military market for Boeing. Emirates, one of the country’s main airlines, is the largest operator of Boeing’s 777. But more than just a fast-growing market, the UAE is a key international partner, and Boeing is supporting the country’s growth and diversification strategy. (Boeing employees logged on to the Boeing intranet can click here to view a related video.)

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Charting the Future

Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen has been the leader in providing charts and navigation information for pilots since it was founded 75 years ago by airmail pilot Elrey Jeppesen. Today, Jeppesen not only offers a range of aviation services that includes pilot training and crew scheduling, but is expanding into the rail and marine industries.

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Charting the FutureED TURNER/BOEING
Range FinderScot Girard/Boeing,
Nathan Pionke/Boeing


Range Finder

Boeing is moving quickly to position itself for entry into an emerging market – upgrading ranges around the world where aircraft drop real bombs and soldiers fire live ammunition. Many of these ranges must be modernized to prepare warfighters for tomorrow’s missions – and Boeing is ready to meet that challenge with a range of solutions.

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Energy Stars

Boeing Chairman, President and CEO Jim McNerney recently signed a new agreement that recommitted Boeing’s long-standing partnership with ENERGY STAR, the government-sponsored program that is cutting energy use and helping protect the environment. What Boeing facility won the company’s first star for its energy-saving measures? Tip: NASA’s astronauts are not far away.

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Energy StarsElizabeth Morell/Boeing
Duty, Honor, CountryBob Ferguson/Boeing


Duty, Honor, Country

This month, Boeing salutes its veterans, more than 27,500 men and women who have served or who continue to serve, on active duty or in the reserves. Some of them shared their personal stories with Frontiers.

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