October 2009
Volume 08, Issue 06
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Simple steps

It is almost as simple as one, two three: By establishing clear priorities and limiting the number of tasks a person or team is working on at the same time, they can actually go faster. This new Boeing discipline called Lean+ 10X is having remarkable success on a growing number of programs, such as the P-8A Poseidon for the U.S. Navy.


Simple steps Marian Lockhart/Boeing

Defending from cyber attacks

One of the United States’ highest priorities is protecting vital information networks from cyber attacks, and Boeing is expanding its presence in the cybersecurity market and designing solutions to deal with determined adversaries who attempt to steal defense and commercial data and technologies.


Defending from cyber attacks Fred Troilo/Boeing

Heavy lifting for Pápa

A former Warsaw Pact fighter base in Hungary is now the home of what will soon be three Boeing C-17s that will provide critical support to multinational missions in Afghanistan as part of the 12-nation Strategic Airlift Capability consortium. Boeing personnel at Pápa Air Base in western Hungary serve as the primary maintenance, material management and support team for the C-17s.


Heavy lifting for Pápa Jery Drelling/BOEING

Justice prevails

A Boeing B-1 bomber was on a routine flight when it made an emergency landing at an air force base in South Dakota after a warning light came on. But repairing the bomber named Swift Justice proved anything but swift. The damaged part, essentially the jet’s backbone, had to be recreated, which meant hunting down the original B-1 tooling in the Arizona desert. What happened to get Swift Justice back into service is a story of Boeing team work and ingenuity.