October 2009
Volume 08, Issue 06
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Partners and opportunities

China has been supplying parts for Boeing jets since the 1970s, and that partnership has never been bigger, stronger or more important than today. It is one that provides significant opportunities for Boeing as well as China, which has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and will need more commercial jets over the next 20 years than any market outside the United States. But Boeing faces increasing competition in China, from Airbus and others.

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Partners and opportunitiesPhoto illustration: Brandon
Luong/Boeing; Airplane photo: Jim
Coley/Boeing; Great Wall photo: Shutterstock.com
A mission for the Green TeamRon Bookout/Boeing


A mission for the Green Team

When expensive cooling air was found to be escaping from Boeing computer centers, it was clearly a mission for one of the company’s Green Teams. Now numbering about two dozen, these groups of environmentally engaged Boeing employees are taking on projects and helping the company meet its environmental targets around the country, at one Boeing site after another.

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Integrated Defense Systems

Keeping hackers at bay

The threat to the country’s national security from cyber attacks on vast military and government information networks is a clear and present danger, and Boeing is designing solutions in the cybersecurity arena. Boeing’s own network is also part of this focus by its Cyber and Information Solutions organization that was formed last year.

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Keeping hackers at bayFred Troilo/Boeing
Watered downmarian lockhart /Boeing

Shared Services Group

Watered down

From 2002 through 2008, Boeing reduced its water consumption by 4.2 billion gallons – a huge splash in savings. The push to find new ways to use less water is part of a Shared Services Water Conservation initiative and is driven in part by technology that is being utilized in everything from company restrooms and lawn irrigation to huge water cooling towers at Boeing buildings

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Wind beneath my wings

Boeing’s X-48C, the latest version of what is also known as the BWB (blended wing body), was recently tested at NASA’s storied Langley Research Center in Virginia -- the final test to be conducted at the historic wind tunnel. The X-48C demonstrator is a scale model of a heavy-lift plane that Boeing’s Phantom Works organization believes could be developed in the next 15 to 20 years for military cargo applications.

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Leaders in innovationBob Ferguson/Boeing