September 2009
Volume 08, Issue 05
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Smaller footprints

By reducing the number of times parts are handled, packaged and unpackaged, an interiors warehouse team on the 777 program has not only cut costs and improved efficiency but also reduced the environmental footprint.


Smaller footprints Gail Hanusa/Boeing

10,000 and counting

It’s been a remarkable run of single-aisle jets produced in the Seattle area, starting with the 707 in 1958 and continuing with the 727, 737 and 757. The 10,000th plane, a Next-Generation 737-700, was delivered to Southwest Airlines last month. And the milestone does not include another 3,000 single-aisle jets built in Long Beach, Calif., by Boeing heritage company Douglas and McDonnell Douglas.


10,000 and counting BOEING archives

Good job

Everyone likes to be told on occasion they have done a good job. But a Customer Engineering team with Commercial Airplanes developed a kit that provides managers with everything they need, be it a Boeing Store gift card or movie tickets, in going above and beyond a “thank you.”


Good job Gail Hanusa/Boeing