April 2010
Volume 08, Issue 11
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All about the future

Boeing’s Phantom Works organization, part of Defense, Space & Security, has a fairly small number of employees (about 2,000) but scores of projects in various stages of development, from toaster-size nanosatellites to the 410-foot-long (137-meter-long) SkyHook, a neutrally buoyant aircraft. As Phantom Works leader Darryl Davis puts it, those employees are working on some “pretty cool stuff” -- projects with intriguing names such as Phantom Ray, Phantom Eye and WaveRider. The goal of Phantom Works is to meet the evolving needs of customers while turning good ideas, advanced concepts and technology into superior products and services that are profitable for Boeing.

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Welcome to the familyRichard Rau/Boeing
Competitive advantageBOB FERGUSON/BOEING

Special features

The power of one

For many Boeing employees, volunteering is a powerful way they can help make a difference. Meet some of these volunteers in this article, and also view an Earth Day photo essay showing how employees are helping to protect the environment every day.

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Commercial Airplanes

The big move

Following its trailblazing success in producing single-aisle 717 and 737 commercial jetliners on a moving assembly line, where the planes are lined up nose to tail, Boeing has implemented this assembly method for its much larger, twin-aisle 777. As a result, employees at the Everett, Wash., plant now assemble a 777 with some
3 million parts more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

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Delivering on the DreamBob Ferguson/BOEING
Training dayBob Ferguson/BOEING

Defense, Space & Security

Learning the ropes

The Bell Boeing MV-22 Osprey has become workhorse for U.S. Marines, who are incorporating its unique tilt-rotor capabilities into their training. A Boeing photographer recently took photos for Frontiers of Marines practicing special insertion, extraction and other techniques from the back of a moving or hovering Osprey.

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Engineering, Operations & Technology

Technology chasers

From directed-energy weapons to lighter and far more efficient batteries, numerous advances are being made by Boeing teams in the Platform Systems and Subsystems technology domain. It’s the largest of eight technology domains established by Boeing to help ensure new technologies are ready when they are needed -- and provide the company a competitive advantage.

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Technology chasersBob Ferguson/Boeing