April 2010
Volume 08, Issue 11
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On the move

The moving production line has been replicated worldwide since Henry Ford introduced it to the automobile world a century ago. But never on this scale. Boeing workers now assemble the twin-aisle 777 on a moving line, and it represents a huge growth and productivity milestone for the program. Final assembly of a complete plane has been cut from 26 days down to 17. This is the second moving line in Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The single-aisle 737 is also assembled on a moving line. But the 777 is a much larger plane.


On the move Bob Ferguson/BOEING

Taking flight

RwandAir is an airline on the move, just like its home country in sub-Saharan Africa. As one of Boeing’s newest commercial customers, RwandAir is adding used 737s to its fleet while waiting for delivery of its first new Next Generation 737s on order. The rise of this airline, which was launched less than eight years ago with leased regional planes, reflects the economic progress being made by the country of Rwanda, which was recently named by the World Bank as the top business reformer in the world and is looking to its national airline to help spur further economic growth.


Taking flight Ed Turner/Boeing