December 2010
Volume 09, Issue 8
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Orbiting the earth are more than 1,000 active satellites and spacecraft, and at least 20 times as many pieces of space debris and junk. It’s getting more and more crowded up there and the possibility of collisions is a concern. A Boeing-led industry team developed a satellite for the U.S. Air Force that’s now on station to help keep track of all these orbiting objects.


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Command performance

Boeing has been testing the control of unmanned aerial systems from manned aircraft since 2006, but a test in the skies over the Arizona desert earlier this year represented a significant milestone in the development of a universal command and control system to use with all of Boeing’s growing unmanned fleet.


Command performanceJIM ANDERSON/BOEING

Mission critical

This month’s retirement of F-111s operated by the Royal Australian Air Force brings to a close support work for the iconic strike aircraft that helped establish Boeing Defence Australia. Now, it will provide engineering support, maintenance and supply chain management for the 24 Boeing-built F/A-18 Super Hornets that are being delivered this year and next.


Mission critical BOEING

Connecting in space

If tourists ever journey to the International Space Station, their commercial spacecraft will need to dock with the station before they can transfer. Boeing and NASA are developing a common docking system that will allow various craft to connect with the orbiting platform.


Connecting in space JAMES POMIER/BOEING