July 2010
Volume 09, Issue 03
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Frontiers cover wrap for Farnborough Airshow

Frontiers cover wrap for Farnborough Airshow

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner is scheduled to make its first appearance in Europe as part of the Farnborough International Airshow, which begins July 19. In honor of this event, Frontiers created a 787 cover wrap for issues of the magazine that will be distributed at the air show. Click here to download this special cover.

Cover Story

By land, sea and air

Whether performing reconnaissance in the ocean depths, helping soldiers and emergency responders safely investigate hazardous situations, or keeping watch over an unsuspecting enemy from high above, unmanned systems perform a variety of critical missions. Boeing is establishing itself as major player in this fast-growing market with a varied portfolio of products for use in the air, at sea, or on land.


By land, sea and airBob Ferguson/Boeing
Office with a viewNATO

Special features

Office with a view

Boeing has long been part of the fabric of Europe and maintains an active role in the European community. It is essential for the company to participate in discussions before the European Union that involve aerospace, defense and the environment. Giving Boeing that important voice in Europe is its office in Brussels, which represents Boeing not only before the 27-nation EU but also at NATO headquarters. (Boeing employees logged on to the Boeing intranet can view a related video by clicking here)


Commercial Airplanes

Intercontinental effort

For more than a year and a half, the747-8 Intercontinental has met every weekly airframe design deadline. To keep the passenger model of the 747-8 ahead of schedule, teams focused on discipline and lessons learned from the 747-8 Freighter version, and used a proven analytical tool to track day-by-day progress. Now, the Intercontinental team is sharing this expertise with programs throughout the company.


Intercontinental effortJeremiah Scott/Boeing
Designing safetyU.S. Air Force

Defense, Space & Security

Fast forward

It lasted only 200 seconds, but the recent test flight of the X-51A WaveRider, which reached speeds of around Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound, helped open the way for future hypersonic applications such as high-speed weapons and reconnaissance and access to space. For the Boeing team that helped develop the X-51A and spent years pushing the boundaries of hypersonic technology, the record-setting achievement was exhilarating.


Engineering, Operations & Technology

Tapping talent

How did Boeing researchers, working with external partners, break through the “titanium barrier” and make what’s believed to be the largest titanium sheet metal part ever, a jet engine inlet 13 feet (4 meters) in diameter? This article about Boeing’s Manufacturing Technology Domain tells how – and explains how the domain helps ensure that production technologies are leveraged companywide when appropriate.


Tapping talentMarian Lockhart/Boeing
Dangerous moves Marian Lockhart/Boeing

Shared Services Group

Dangerous moves

There are nine classes of hazardous materials and Boeing moves them all. But making sure these parts and goods are transported safely to where they need to go requires a special know how and training, and involves a vast body of regulations and requirements.