July 2010
Volume 09, Issue 03
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The design of design

By the time the 747-8 Intercontinental airframe group had completed its design work in June, it had achieved 76 weeks without missing a weekly deadline. Now, some of those team members are sharing their expertise with other Boeing programs.


The design of design BOEING

Positioned for growth

Turkish Airlines, which recently celebrated its 77th birthday, has grown rapidly to become the fourth-largest airline in Europe. It has been a long and important Boeing customer and that close relationship continues. The airline has orders for a dozen of Boeing’s 777-300ER as well as for many more Next Generation 737s.


Positioned for growth Turkish Airlines

Manual effort

The Boeing Fabrication facility in Auburn, Wash., makes thousands of parts using numerical-controlled machines, and each of these machined parts requires up to 10 or more instructions per part. But the once time-consuming process of creating the operator manual for each part can now be done in minutes.


Manual effort Gail Hanusa/Boeing

Speed to spare

Boeing’s Material Management Services employees work closely with customers to maintain and manage an airline’s spare-parts inventory. They ensure that when spare parts are needed, the parts are available. It’s a critical service that helps Boeing customers operate more efficiently.


Speed to spare Alvin Toh

Solving mysteries

A specialized team of Boeing air-safety investigators must be ready to go anywhere an accident has occurred within hours of the event. The goal is to learn from each accident to help make flying even safer than it already is.


Solving mysteries National Transportation Safety Board