June 2010
Volume 09, Issue 2
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It’s an impressive lineup of excellence -- Boeing’s 7-series jetliners. In 10 pages of photos, meet some of the thousands of men and women on the Boeing production lines who, with skill, experience and dedication, make the company’s commercial jets at two huge plants in the Seattle area.


The magnificent 7sBob Ferguson/Boeing
Cleared for takeoffChad Slattery

Special features

Cleared for takeoff

A flight demonstration in Australia for a potential customer considering the company’s 737 Airborne Early Warning & Control aircraft looked like it might not happen due to export-control challenges. That’s when a “One Boeing” team went to work. The result: a global working-together effort that allowed the demonstration flight to take place as planned.


Defense, Space & Security


As Boeing continues to grow its important services business, the company is looking to provide solutions for an electric power industry that is undergoing a significant transformation. The industry wants smarter, more secure and more efficient power grids, and that’s a good fit for Boeing’s technical talent and broad knowledge base, including cybersecurity and large-scale systems integration.


Designing safetyMarian lockhart/bOEING

Engineering, Operations & Technology

Designing safety

Across Boeing, employees are finding creative ways to improve safety in the workplace, helping the company meet its goal of reducing the number of injury cases that result in lost work by 25 percent by 2013. This article looks at what employees at three Boeing sites -- St. Louis, Renton, Wash., and Fishermans Bend, Australia -- have done to deliver on safety. It includes an interview with Mary Armstrong, Boeing vice president of Environment, Health and Safety.


Commercial Airplanes

Shaping flight together

Boeing and Lufthansa have had a close working relationship for 50 years, since the German airline entered the jet age in 1960 with the delivery of its first Boeing 707. Lufthansa has played a significant role in the design of a number of Boeing jets since, including the 737 and the 747-400. That relationship continues today: Lufthansa is the launch customer for Boeing’s new 747-8 Intercontinental.


Shaping flight togetherJOERG MUELLER