June 2010
Volume 09, Issue 2
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High voltage

Whether it is developing technologies to integrate renewable energy sources into the electric power grid or partnering with a Danish technology company to reduce energy consumption in cities around the world, Boeing is applying its vast technical expertise and capabilities in the global energy market, which is undergoing a significant transformation and seeking innovative solutions.


High voltage Paul pinner/boeing

Close quarters

Two Boeing teams working on space shuttle propulsion systems in Houston are finding that working closer together can bring greater value to the customer and to Boeing. Their offices, once a few miles apart, are now within steps of each other, and the result has paid off for the shuttle program and also in new business opportunities for Boeing.


Close quarters NASA

Hack attack

Defending against cyberattacks is a growing concern -- and focus -- of governments, the military and large global companies such as Boeing, which is partnering with universities to find talented software engineers who can defend Boeing’s vast networks from attacks by an invisible enemy. Among the company’s new defenders in this war are the “Cyber Six,” teammates who won a college cyber defense competition last year and now are part of Boeing’s Global Network Operations talent pool.


Hack attack Paul Pinner/Boeing

Battlefield promotion

Starting next year, a team led by Boeing is scheduled to equip the first U.S. Army combat soldiers with networked capabilities that include unmanned ground and air vehicles. It's part of the Army’s Brigade Combat Team Modernization program to give warfighters an edge by providing them with new technology to see and find the enemy while conducting operations with an integrated, real-time network that links commanders as well as the soldiers.


Battlefield promotion Richard Rau/Boeing

Command response

It’s known as the E-4B -- a modified 747 that has served as a flying military command post for the United States for more than 35 years. One of the most sophisticated communications aircraft in the world, it must be ready at all times to respond in case of war or national emergency. The last of four aircraft now is undergoing extensive modification by the Boeing site in Wichita, Kan.


Command response JOSH PLUEGER