June 2010
Volume 09, Issue 2
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Making jets

Frontiers photographers recently visited Boeing’s commercial jet-making plants in Renton and Everett, Wash., and captured the employee pride, skill and hard work that goes into making the world’s best commercial jetliners.


Making jets Jim Anderson/BOEING

A Lion’s roar

Lion Air, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, has a special relationship with Boeing. It operates an all-Boeing fleet and was the launch customer for the 737-900ER, an Extended Range model that can carry up to 215 passengers. It is also one of the launch customers for the new 737 Boeing Sky Interior. Lion Air is celebrating its 10th anniversary in June and has become the airline of choice in Indonesia, flying to more than 36 destinations across Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific region.


A Lion's roar BUDHY ASHARY

Partners in flight

In 1960, the German airline Lufthansa took delivery of a Boeing 707 -- and entered the jet age. In the half-century that followed, Boeing and Lufthansa have enjoyed a special working-together relationship, and it is one that will continue. Late next year, Lufthansa is scheduled to take delivery, as the launch customer, of the first Boeing
747-8 Intercontinental. As Jim Albaugh, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, put it: "Every airplane we've ever built has Lufthansa in it."


Partners in flight JOeRG MUeLLER