March 2010
Volume 08, Issue 10
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Keep ’em flying

When something goes wrong with an aircraft thousands of feet in the air, you just can’t pull over and fix it, says Mike Flynn of Boeing’s Training Systems & Services. His job is to train mechanics on Boeing’s AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter. When an Apache pilot flips the switch to start the rotors turning, every system and subsystem has to work flawlessly, and Flynn’s mission is to make sure that happens -- every time.


Keep ’em flying Bob Ferguson/BOEING

Protect and serve

Meet the Boeing team that applied the principals of Lean+ to build 65-foot-long (20-meter-long) aluminum isogrid fairings for the Delta IV heavy-left launch vehicle. The fairings helped protect critical national security satellites during launch.


Protect and serve PAUL PINNER/BOEING

Four for Japan

Delivery of Boeing’s fourth and last KC-767 tanker to Japan marked an important milestone that has strengthened the company’s relationship with an important customer. The tankers give Japan the capability to perform vital self-defense, refueling and airlift missions, but they can be quickly converted for humanitarian and disaster-relief missions across the Pacific.


Four for Japan buzz Shaddy/boeing

On target

Boeing’s Harpoon missile has been one of the world’s most successful anti-ship weapons for several decades, and the company is always looking for ways to make improvements in every facet of the program. Recently, the Harpoon team used Lean+ tools in working with key suppliers to dramatically slash the time it takes from when an order is placed until delivery begins. The results mean big savings for Boeing.


On target U.S. NAVY

Shuttle sherlocks

Sometimes it has taken good old-fashioned detective work to keep the space shuttles flying. That was the case after a mission by Atlantis last year to service the Hubble Space Telescope. When the shuttle returned, a Boeing team went to work looking for clues to a short circuit that did not affect the mission but was a concern. Like any good detective, they followed the clues -- and solved the mystery.


Shuttle sherlocks InDyne