March 2010
Volume 08, Issue 10
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A jumbo tradition

After taking the 747-8 Freighter up on its first flight on Feb. 8, Boeing command pilot Mark Feuerstein said at a news conference that it still looks like a 747 and flies like a 747. It even has the iconic 747 “hump.” But the new freighter, the longest 747 Boeing has ever built, is distinguished by the latest technology and improved efficiency -- and that is what customers such as Cargolux have been eagerly waiting for.


A jumbo tradition Bob Ferguson/BOEING

By way of introduction

Long before the 787 began its flight-test program, preparations were under way for the delivery of the first Dreamliner to customers. It’s a lengthy process that involves working closely with an airline to make sure all the necessary training, tools, spares and infrastructure are in place before the first plane is ready to enter passenger service.


By way of introduction Bob Ferguson/boeing