November 2010
Volume 09, Issue 7
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Informed decisions

This is another in a series of articles to help Boeing employees and their families understand how health care reform could affect them in 2011 and beyond. This article focuses on Boeing’s annual enrollment, which takes place Nov. 4 through Dec. 3. Before making enrollment decisions, employees should know how these changes in the health care law may affect their benefits.


Informed decisions PHOTO: thinkstock

Speed of life

Boeing aircraft of all kinds are used on humanitarian missions when disasters strike. It might be a C-17, Chinook helicopter or commercial jetliner delivering supplies, or a V-22 Osprey landing in places that other aircraft can’t.


Speed of life U.S. ARMY

Healthy choices

Boeing has many tools to help its employees and their families either stay healthy or get healthy. One such resource is the online Health Assessment. In this feature, employees share their personal stories about why they wanted to take the Health Assessment.


Healthy choices Verner McPherson photo: Bob Ferguson/Boeing; Tammie orzel photo: Peter george/boeing