February 2011
Volume 09, Issue 09
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Phantom traveler

A photo essay of the December journey made by Boeing’s Phantom Ray -- and of the men and women who helped make it happen. The Phantom Ray, an unmanned airborne system, was transported on the back of a NASA 747 from St. Louis to Edwards Air Force Base in California. The 747 is used to ferry the space shuttle, and this was the first time it carried another kind of vehicle. In the high desert at Edwards, Phantom Ray will undergo flight testing and further demonstrate Boeing’s commitment to be a leader in the new frontier of unmanned flight.


Phantom traveler BOB FERGUSON/BOEING

Phantom Ray photo gallery

For more photos of the Phantom Ray’s historic “flight” to California from St. Louis, and of the men and women of Boeing and NASA who helped make it happen, click here.

High performance

When the International Space Station lost half of its cooling system after a key pump shut down, a Boeing team in Houston was ready to help find solutions. Its mission is to keep the station running smoothly and safely -- especially during potentially serious events such as this one.


High performance NASA