March 2011
Volume 09, Issue 10
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A pioneer turns 70

Philippine Airlines not only plays a vital role in its home country but is an increasingly important carrier in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region. This month, the airline celebrates its 70th birthday. In the early 1960s, Philippine Airlines entered the jet age on the wings of a Boeing 707. Its Boeing fleet continues to grow and includes the
777-300ER (Extended Range).


A pioneer turns 70 GAIL HANUSA/BOEING

Making the sky the best place on earth

By analyzing its airplane interiors of the past, starting with the 707, Boeing is better able to design airplane interiors of the future. The interiors for the 787 Dreamliner and the
747-8 Intercontinental, as well as the new 737 Sky Interior, all reflect this approach to interior design.


Making the sky the best place on earthBOEING ARCHIVES

Making an impression

The 747 has always turned heads, and the newest member of the family, the 747-8 Intercontinental, is no exception. Meet some of the employees who helped design and build it -- a labor of love.


Making an impression BOB FERGUSON/BOEING

Pushing the limits

The 787 flight-test airplanes had flown more than a million miles by late February on the road to certification. So far, the Dreamliners have performed as expected in every situation encountered -- and these test flights often push the airplane to the extreme.


Pushing the limits BOEING