December 2011
Volume 10, Issue 08
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Q. What is "Frontiers Magazine?"
A. Frontiers is a monthly magazine published 11 times a year by The Boeing Company for its employees and retirees. It tells Boeing's global story though in-depth, timely articles and analysis about the company, its products, markets, challenges, customers and people. It is a publication evolved from the Boeing News newspaper, which ceased publication in March 2002. Our charter is to employ the highest journalistic standards to provide information in high-quality print and online formats that comply with journalistic standards of fairness, accuracy and objectivity.

Q. What time of the month will the magazine come out and how do I get a copy?
A. The magazine is released the first Friday of each month (except for the double December-January issue, which is released a week later) and then posted online. It complements the 24/7 and breaking news focus of Boeing’s internal online publication, Boeing News Now. The printed version of Frontiers is published and distributed to employees and retirees. The online version is available to other stakeholders and the general public on the Boeing external website at:

Q. Can I get a subscription to Frontiers?
A. Boeing provides Frontiers free to employees and retirees. To control costs, individual subscriptions are not available. Frontiers publishes an online version to serve customers, suppliers and others at

Q. How is Frontiers distributed?
A. Distribution of the printed version varies slightly at each Boeing site, but generally it is distributed via newsstands or bins located in work and cafeteria areas where there is heavy foot traffic. Frontiers is mailed to retirees who request it. To keep costs low, Frontiers is not mailed to the homes of individual employees. If you are experiencing distribution problems at your site, or receive too few or too many issues, please contact the magazine at

Q. How do I submit a story idea or article to Frontiers?
A. It is best to contact your business unit's or organization’s Communications focal with story ideas. He or she will take story suggestions through the proper channels; approved suggestions are then worked locally or forwarded to the Frontiers writing staff. This way, business units can evaluate the suggestion to determine the proposed story is appropriate, of interest companywide and timely. Story suggestions also can be sent by e-mail to or by mail to Boeing Frontiers, 100 N. Riverside, MC 5003-0983, Chicago, IL 60606 and will be forwarded to the appropriate business unit for evaluation.

Q. I retired a couple of months ago. Why haven't I seen my name listed in the service awards published in Frontiers?
A. Frontiers does not control the names listed in the Milestones section, which includes Service Awards, Retirements and In Memoriam. Frontiers receives these names from a central database administered by Human Resources. If you have questions, you may want to contact your Human Resources representative to make sure you are properly listed in the database.

Q. Why doesn't Frontiers list the deaths of retirees?
A. Unfortunately, the company does not have the resources to check retiree death reports, which come from various heritage and third-party pension plans and other sources, for accuracy, timeliness and completeness.

Q. I'm moving. Where do I send my change of address to continue receiving the magazine?
A. You can send it via e-mail to or by mail to Boeing Frontiers, 100 N. Riverside, MC 5003-0983, Chicago, IL 60606.

More FAQs will be added to the "Site Tools - FAQ" page as they are received and answered by Boeing Frontiers' editorial staff. Please send your questions or comments to: