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1997 Archive

Nov. 11, 1997 "The New Boeing: Our First 100 Days"
Twelfth Annual Transportation Conference
Salomon Brothers
World Headquarters
Seven World Trade Center
Phil Condit
Oct. 15, 1997 "The Magnificent Seven (or any other Number: Learning to Think & Act as One"
Huntington Beach Management Club
Huntington Beach, California
Harry C. Stonecipher
Sep. 25, 1997 "Trade: A Vision for the Future"
National Press Club
Washington, D.C.
Phil Condit
Sep. 25, 1997 "The Quality of Quality Is Not Strained"
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Robert W. Carey Award Ceremony
Washington D.C.
Laurie A. Broedling
Sep. 25, 1997 "Airplane 101: A Primer on Aviation"
Dinner Address to Journalists & Airline PR directors
Taking Part in Two-Day Boeing "Airplane 101" Course
Salty Dog Restaurant
Seattle, Washington
Harry C. Stonecipher
Sep. 18, 1997 "Working Together in the 21st Century"
National Academy of Engineering
Frontiers of Engineering
Irvine, California
Phil Condit
Sep. 12, 1997 "Working Together in the 21st Century"
American College of Trial Lawyers
Seattle, Washington
Phil Condit