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2000 Archive

Dec. 13, 2000 "State of the Company"
News Conference
Seattle, Washington
Phil Condit
Dec. 01, 2000 "Leading in a Changing, Mobile World"
American Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong
Phil Condit
Nov. 20, 2000 "Living in a Changing, Mobile World"
World Affairs Council of Orange County
Phil Condit
Nov. 03, 2000 "Managing Your Career: The Ultimate Solo Flight"
Annual Awards Banquet
Long Beach Chapter
Amelia Earhart Society
Long Beach, California
Laurette T. Koellner
Oct. 09, 2000 "Dream to Make Something Happen"
ASM International Materials Solutions Conference
St. Louis, Missouri
David Swain
Aug. 23, 2000 "Forging Strategic Alliances: Rethinking the Model"
The Australian Information Technology (IT)
Strategic Alliances Summit
Sydney, Australia
Phil Condit
Jul. 26, 2000 "Farnborough Press Conference"
Farnborough, England
Phil Condit
Jul. 06, 2000 "The Future of Aerospace and Beyond"
International Media Tour
Seattle, Washington
Phil Condit
Jun. 21, 2000 "What If?"
AIAA Fluid 2000 Conference
Denver, Colorado
David Swain
May 22, 2000 "The Unknown Soldiers in Our Midst"
Air Force Association Breakfast
Armed Forces Week
San Antonio
Harry C. Stonecipher
May 11, 2000 "Aerospace Management Challenges of the Next Century"
AIAA Global Air and Space Conference
Washington, D.C.
Jim Albaugh
May 09, 2000 "Flower Power and Fire Power: New Directions in Defense Technology"
National Aerospace Systems & Technology Conference
Dayton Convention Center
Dayton, Ohio
Harry C. Stonecipher
May 02, 2000 "Technology in a Networked World"
Parks College of Engineering and Aviation
Saint Louis University
Inaugural Lecture
Engineering and Aviation Distinguished Lecture Series
Busch Memorial Center
St. Louis, Missouri
Harry C. Stonecipher
May 01, 2000 "Address to Shareholders"
Huntsville, Alabama
Philip M. Condit
Apr. 05, 2000 "Daring Differently in the New Economy"
US Space Foundation
National Space Symposium
Colorado Springs, Co.
Jim Albaugh
Apr. 04, 2000 "Architects of the Future"
The IBM Lectureship in Business and Finance
Westminster College
Fulton, Missouri
Deborah Hopkins
Mar. 22, 2000 "Transforming Boeing"
Rotary Club of Seattle
Seattle, WA
Phil Condit
Mar. 17, 2000 "Some Thoughts on Building a House for Diversity"
Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Third Annual Cultural Diversity Conference
Lincoln University
Jefferson City, Missouri
Antoinette M. Bailey
Feb. 17, 2000 "Transformation to a Global, Mobile World"
Executives' Club of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
Phil Condit
Feb. 03, 2000 "International Conference and Exhibition Keynote Address"
Satellite 2000
Washington, D.C.
Jim Albaugh