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2001 Archive

Dec. 19, 2001 "Civil Aviation: A Turning Point"
Wings Club
New York
Phil Condit
Dec. 03, 2001 "East-West Cooperation in Space Ventures"
International Astronautics Federation (IAF)
Paris, France
Will Trafton
Nov. 29, 2001 "Transforming Aerospace: A Submariner's View"
Dayton, Ohio
Jerry Daniels
Nov. 16, 2001 "Integrating Air and Space Capabilities"
Air Force Association (AFA)
Los Angeles, Calif.
Jim Albaugh
Nov. 15, 2001 "Earned Value Management: Institutionalize it, modernize it and globalize it every non-routine day"
13th Annual International EVM conference
Tysons Corner, VA
Laurette Koellner
Nov. 12, 2001 "Forever New Frontiers"
Economic Club of Detroit
Detroit, Michigan
Phil Condit
Nov. 11, 2001 "Remarks to the Orange County Forum"
Orange County, Calif.
Jim Albaugh
Nov. 02, 2001 "Overcoming Your Advantages"
Notre Dame University
Engineering and Business Students
South Bend, Indiana
Harry C. Stonecipher
Sep. 25, 2001 "Transforming Boeing: A View of the Future"
The Commercial Club of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
Phil Condit
Sep. 20, 2001 "Time to Rededicate Ourselves"
First Tuesday Meeting
Chicago, Illinois
David Swain
Sep. 11, 2001 "12th International Conference on Work Teams"
Dallas, Texas
Laurette T. Koellner
Sep. 05, 2001 "Footprints in the Sky"
World Headquarters Opening Remarks
Chicago, IL
Phil Condit
Aug. 23, 2001 "Looking to the Future"
Fourth Annual Space & Missile Defense Conference
Huntsville, Alabama
Jim Albaugh
Aug. 17, 2001 "Making Good Decisions in Bad Times"
Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO) Annual Conference
Elliott Grand Hyatt Hotel
Seattle, Washington
Harry C. Stonecipher
Jun. 28, 2001 "Top Leadership Night"
National Management Association
Long Beach, Calif.
Jim Albaugh
Jun. 15, 2001 "Opening the Frontiers of Lifelong Learning"
Business-Higher Education Forum
Summer 2001 Meeting
Phil Condit
May 08, 2001 "Working Together To Create Better Cities"
Asia Pacific Cities Summit
Seattle, Washington
Phil Condit
May 07, 2001 "National and International Space Program Partnerships for the Next 25 Years"
AIAA Global Air & Space 2001
Washington, D.C.
Jim Albaugh
Apr. 30, 2001 "Address to Shareholders"
Seattle, Washington
Philip M. Condit
Apr. 17, 2001 "The High Strike - and How to Avoid Unnecessary Disputes"
U.S. Air Force Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference
The Marriott Riverwalk San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Harry C. Stonecipher
Apr. 10, 2001 "Space: Problems and Promise"
U.S. Space Foundation
National Space Symposium
Colorado Springs, Co.
Jim Albaugh
Apr. 05, 2001 "Export-Import Annual Conference "
Washington, D.C.
Phil Condit
Apr. 05, 2001 "Keynote to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions"
Seal Beach, Ca.
Jim Albaugh
Mar. 29, 2001 "Lighting Up the Sky - The Future of Satellite Communications"
Satellite 2001 Conference
Washington D.C. Convention Center
Harry C. Stonecipher
Mar. 23, 2001 "Bow Wave: Women Leaders Coming to the Fore in High Tech Businesses"
International Women in Aviation Conference
Reno, Nevada
Antoinette M. Bailey
Mar. 22, 2001 "2001 Investors Conference"
Seattle, Washington
Phil Condit
Mar. 08, 2001 "Logistics - Is it working?""
International Society of Logistics
Annual Symosium
Dayton, Ohio
E. David Spong
Jan. 31, 2001 "The Future of Space-Based Communications"
International Technology Forum
London, England
Jim Albaugh