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2003 Archive

Dec. 08, 2003 "NATO Procurement Issues"
Royal United Services Institute
London, England
Jim Albaugh
Nov. 10, 2003 "Beyond the Horizon"
Royal Aeronautical Society
92nd Wilbur and Orville Wright Lecture
London, England
Phil Condit
Nov. 07, 2003 "The Engines of Economic Growth: Why a Skilled and Job-Ready Workforce Is Critical for a Knowledge-Based Economy"
The Council of State Governments
34th Annual Midwestern Governors' Conference
St. Louis, Missouri
James F. Albaugh
Oct. 08, 2003 "Lessons from Commercial Industry: What makes the 'Net' work?"
Aviation Week
NetCentric Conference
Washington, DC
Carl G. O'Berry
Sep. 23, 2003 "Turbulent Times in Aviation"
Harvard Business School Club of Colorado
47th Annual Business Forum
Denver, Colorado
Phil Condit
Sep. 23, 2003 "The No. 1 Challenge Facing the Future of Wireless Connectivity (Hint: It's Not Technology)"
International Wireless Symposium 2003
San Diego, Calif.
Scott C. Carson
Sep. 23, 2003 "Space: The Ultimate High Ground"
AIAA Space 2003
Long Beach, California
James F. Albaugh
Sep. 15, 2003 "After Cancun: The Future of the Global Trading System"
Chicago Council for Foreign Relations
The Chicago Conference on the Global Economy
Chicago, Illinois
Phil Condit
Jul. 23, 2003 "Best Business Practices for Securing America's Borders"
Washington, DC
Rick Stephens
Apr. 28, 2003 "Address to Shareholders"
Chicago, Illinois
Philip M. Condit
Apr. 16, 2003 "Network-Centric Operations"
Network-Centric Operations 2003
Washington, D.C.
Roger Roberts
Mar. 25, 2003 "Homeland Security & Pre-emptive Defense"
Stonecipher Lecture Series
Tennessee Tech
Jim Albaugh
Mar. 22, 2003 "Turning Today's Challenges Into Opportunities for Tomorrow"
International Civil Aviation Organization
Montreal, Canada
Nicole Piasecki
Mar. 06, 2003 "Missile Defense: Doable, Affordable, Critical"
Missile Defense Conference
Washington, D. C.
Jim Albaugh
Mar. 05, 2003 "Global Defense - Vision for the Future"
Defense Export Services Organization
Annual Symposium
United Kingdom
Phil Condit
Feb. 06, 2003 "Global Security Challenges"
International Technology Summit
Rick Stephens
Feb. 06, 2003 "Integrated Battlespace Approaches in Network-Centric Operations"
International Technology Summit
Rome, Italy
Roger Roberts
Jan. 28, 2003 "EEO AA Compliance Summit 2003"
Chandler, Arizona
Laurette Koellner