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08 February 2006

Dash 10

If it's a new year, then it must be time to city-hop through Europe once again, chatting with customers, industry investors, supplier partners, and media.

I just spent an enjoyable couple of weeks traveling to Ireland (Dublin and Shannon) and London, as well as stops in Munich and Rome.

photo of Randy in Rome

At a media briefing in Rome last week, I had the opportunity to meet with 18 Italian reporters, and discuss BCA's strategy and our outlook for the commercial airplane market.

During my time in Europe some of the media questions focused on the overwhelming success of the 787, and speculation that a larger version is in the offing. Air Transport Intelligence filed a story on the subject, which you can read here.

It's fascinating to me that there's been so much focus on the "next, newest thing" on the 787 program, a program that is in itself new and exciting. And all this before we've even built or flown one.

But getting to the question at hand: currently we're developing and offering the 787-8, 787-3, and 787-9. But are we also studying a possible stretch version of the 787-9?

As I told reporters in Europe, we're not offering it at the moment, nor are we marketing a "Dash 10." But we are talking to our customers about it because they've asked us to discuss it with them.

Image of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner docked

How do you expand on the success of an incredible flying machine such as the Dreamliner? That's part of the discussion as some of our customers have asked us to consider a Dash 10 version.

A Dash-10 would seat about 300 passengers in a three-class configuration. Probably the soonest you'd see this model, if we choose to develop it, would be 2012 or so.

But if you ask my opinion - as some people did during my visit to Europe - my feeling would be yes, a 787-10 is something we're likely to do in the future. It makes a lot of sense given the capabilities of the airplane, and it's certainly consistent with our plans for the 787 and with our airplane strategy overall.